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Language combinations – working languages




We also work with other languages such as:






The translators in my network always translate, like me, into their mother tongue.

This ensures that the translation is of the appropriate quality and free of errors. The editing may also be carried out by a lecturer whose native language is the source language. This ensures that the translator has correctly interpreted and understood the source text. In the case of a proofreading by a specialist or a specialist, an engineer, lawyer or doctor may also proofread a translation into the English language without being a native English speaker. Since it is a matter of checking technical terms with which he is familiar through his work in English, he does not have to be a native speaker. Of course, he doesn’t correct grammar or style. Under certain circumstances, a second specialist translator can do this. Proofreading by a second specialist translator is always useful for publications. We work especially with the languages ​​Spanish and English. But we also have colleagues in our network for many other European languages ​​or can recommend someone to you. For example, we work with the languages ​​Portuguese, French, Italian, Catalan and Dutch. We can also consider variants of a language such as US English, British English, Latin American Spanish and European Spanish.