Technical translation

The specialist translators in our network work particularly in the fields of technology, law, medicine, business and finance and development cooperation.

Our specialties are:

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Specialist translation in the field Development Corporation

Our network includes experts in all of these fields who support us in our work. If necessary, they also proofread the final version of the translation and contribute with their expert knowledge to the quality of the final version.

In the area of development cooperation, we translate, for example, reports from development cooperation, or evaluation, governance, skills development, strategy papers, etc.


Technical translation & translation of technical documentation

In the area of technical documentation, we mainly work on translations in the field of Renewable Energies and energy in general, such as technical documentation for thermosolar power plants

We also have many years of experience with translation in the field of rail transport, rail vehicles, rail transport technology and rail vehicle technology.

Moreover, we do translations in the field of joining processes as well as joining technology such as welding, brazing, adhesive bonding and casting processes (including continuous casting). We are also happy to assist you with our translation services in the areas of civil engineering and mechanical engineering.